Black Dragonfly by Jean Pasley

I was fortunate to contribute to the latest edition of White Enso [Spring 2022] with a review of Jean Pasley’s wonderful novel, Black Dragonfly. The novel is about the life of Lafcadio Hearn, a nineteenth century Irish writer who emigrated to Japan. I won’t trouble you with all the details here, but encourage you to check out my review.

The connection to Poor Farm? I find that no matter what I write about—a Chicago police chief or a Nova Scotia poor farm—the story must have a deeply personal reason to sustain it. For example, dealing with immigration to America (Chief O’Neill) or trying to understand my son and autism (Poor Farm). Ironically, these more immediate personal reasons are key even though they are hidden in the background of both novels. The story of Lafcadio Hearn has a personal resonance for me. But like I said, check out the review to find out more.