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(Granville Ferry, NS): Ronan O’Driscoll couldn’t have predicted that one of his daily walks with his son could serve as the catalyst for his second book, Poor Farm, published by Moose House Publications.

O’Driscoll, author of Chief O’Neill, recalls taking the stroll with his Autistic son when they came across an abandoned graveyard for inmates of a former poor farm nearby. Touring the land, O’Driscoll was forced to contemplate how his son would have been treated in the days of poor farms, which inevitably led to the crafting of a searing and uplifting tale of the poor farm, its staff and its inmates.

“Our own journey with our son has allowed us to merge his Autistic experience, and our experience as caregivers, into the story of an Autistic boy residing on a poor farm,” says O’Driscoll. “Writing this work was an exceptionally moving journey, and my hope is that Poor Farm will be a novel that others can connect with on a similarly deep level.”

O’Driscoll’s second literary venture, which will donate a portion of sales to Playing and Learning Together – a non-profit after-school and support program for children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum, is already receiving accolades from his peers.

“The first chapter grabs one’s attention so strongly and is written so heartbreakingly beautifully,” says Clary Croft, author of Witchcraft, Helen Creighton: Canada’s First Lady of Folkore. “The reader is immediately drawn in.”

“Ronan O’Driscoll is a marvellous talent whose words strum and pluck the truest of notes with an honesty that reverberates,” says Gerald Collins, author of The Hush Sisters and Fintan Moon.

A socially distanced book launch will be hosted at The Old Triangle in Halifax, where O’Driscoll’s books will be available for purchase. Registration will be capped at 40 people to adhere to public health protocols. A virtual event will be scheduled for a future date for those unable to make it in-person. To register, visit Ronan O’Driscoll Book Launch Tickets, Thu, 17 Jun 2021 at 6:30 PM

Readers can find Poor Farm at independent bookstores across Nova Scotia, from Chapters, Coles and on Amazon. Copies can also be purchased online from Digital copies are available from all major e-book outlets.

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